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This area shows you how to make the most of our Revit families for BIM with tutorials and FAQs. 

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Tutorial A - How to import Wavin content packages in Revit?

  • Wavin Revit Families and Intelligence
  • Wavin’s product Validation view template
  • Wavin’s pipe and Fittings Schedule

Tutorial B - How to insert Wavin bends in Revit projects?

  • How they differ from standard Revit
  • How you can change the type of bend
  • How you can reverse bends

Tutorial C - How to insert Wavin reducers in Revit projects?

  • How multiple reducers are used
  • How centric reducers can be changed to eccentric
  • How the validation view works

Tutorial D - How to insert Wavin junctions in Revit projects?

  • How to make complex tees easily
  • How to change the Junction Type(Equal/Unequal)
  • How to reverse the direction

Tutorial E - Eccentricity with Wavin Packages in Revit for BIM

  • How to apply and also modify eccentricity
  • How to adjust the rotation
  • When to apply eccentricity

Tutorial F - Splitting pipes into optimal lenghts with Wavin Packages in Revit for BIM

  • How to manually split the pipe after it is drawn
  • How to quickly place a whole sequence of couplers on a long piece of pipe

Tutorial G - Product Schedules with Wavin Packages in Revit for BIM

  • How to get a comprehensive bill of materials
  • How to sort the schedules
  • How to label project phases

Tutorial H - Creating vertical stacks with Wavin Packages in Revit for BIM

  • How to work around the horizontal plane limitations
  • How to fine tuning of your vertical soil stack
  • How to view very precise changes

Tutorial I - Wavin enhanced S&W junctions with Wavin Packages in Revit for BIM

  • Part 2 of tutorial D
  • How to operate 500 different configurations 
  • How to turn a default into a custom connection

Tutorial J - Wavin Converting Generic Piping to a Wavin System

  • How to change a Standard Revit Pipe System into Wavin Pipe System
  • How to check with the Wavin Validation View

Tutorial K - Wavin Slopes in Wavin Systems

  • How to apply slope automatically
  • What are the alternative ways to create sloped pipe