AquaCell Configurator

  • Design a tank or soakaway using our fully BBA approved AquaCell system
  • Receive recommendations on the best design possible depending on the loading and depth requirements of your stormwater project
  • Download a printable PDF of your project

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How to use the AquaCell Configurator

To get started with the AquaCell Configurator, you'll need the following:

  • The address and postcode of the site
If you're planning a project using Attenuation Tanks

If you have already calculated your storage volume, you'll need that figure and the below:

  • An idea of your tank dimensions
  • Loading type
  • Cover depth

If you haven't yet calculated your storage volume, you will also need to provide the information below:

  • M2 area draining to the tank
  • Allowable discharge for the site
  • Climate change
  • Storm return period
  • Soil type
If you're planning a project using Soakaways, you'll need to provide the following information:
  • M2 area to be drained
  • Soil type
  • Whether or not there is a high watertable
  • Tank dimensions
  • Loading type
  • Cover depth


When you have finished your calculations, you can download a PDF to print or send to someone.

Download a sample report  

Frequently Asked Questions

Attenuation controls the flow of water as it goes back to the water course or drainage system, which is valuable if tackling flooding downstream or an overwhelmed infrastructure. Attenuation consists of the temporary storage of surface water in a suitable chamber below ground level.

Nothing. They are two words used to define the same thing.

A soakaway or infiltration tank is simply a hole dug into the ground, filled with rubble and coarse stone which allows surface water to percolate back into the earth close to where it falls.

Some benefits of AquaCell units include:

  • Significantly reduced flooding risk
  • Controlled, reduced-volume release of stormwater into existing sewer systems or watercourses
  • Recharging of local groundwater (if infiltration/soakaway application)
  • Aerobic purification to improve water run-off quality
  • Sustainable, cost effective management of the water environment
  • Helping SuDS and planning approval

The proven qualities and performance of AquaCell systems not only support the achievement of SuDS, but can also help reinforce and enhance planning applications, and enable development to proceed.

We offer four types of AquaCell units, each of which has been designed for different applications:

AquaCell Eco

AquaCell Eco is manufactured from specially reformulated, recycled material and has been specifically designed for use in shallow, non-trafficked areas such as domestic gardens and similar landscaped sites. It is not suitable for locations subject to high water tables.

It is suitable for installations to a maximum depth of 2.68m, with a minimum cover depth of 0.3m in best soil conditions.

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AquaCell Core-R

AquaCell Core-R has been designed for use in deep applications, subject to both regular and heavy traffic loadings, such as cars and HGV’s.

It can also be used for deep soakaways and landscaped applications.It is suitable for installations to a maximum depth of 6.68m in landscaped applications (6.43m trafficked by cars), and the required cover depth varies subject to the loading - see Product & Installation Manual.

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AquaCell Plus-R

AquaCell Plus-R has been developed to add extra design scope to any AquaCell installation. The unit can be used in combination with AquaCell Core-R and Eco (providing there is at least one layer of AquaCell Core-R in between the Plus-R and Eco layers).

AquaCell Plus-R, via integrated inspection channels, allows total access for inspectability. And extra lateral loading capacity allows installation at greater depths - see Product & Installation Manual.

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