Pipe Deformation Tool

  • Receive an instant calculation detailing the pipe deformation values that you require
  • Download a printable PDF of your project

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How to use the Pipe Deformation tool

To get started with using the Pipe Deformation Tool, you'll need the following:

  • Site address and postcode
  • Pipe type
  • Pipe diameter
  • Loading type
  • Cover depth
  • Surrounding soil type


When you have finished your calculations, you can download a PDF to print or send to someone.

Download a sample report

Frequently Asked Questions

When are pipe deformations required?

Pipe deformations are typically required when there's a change in specification. For example, from concrete to plastic.

What is the maximum permitted deformation?

The maximum permitted deformation in the UK is between 5 - 6%. For more information, visit the WRC website

Download an example of the information you can calculate in your project.