Inspection Chamber Selector

  • Take the hassle out of selecting the right Inspection Chamber for your next project 
  • View a range of chambers for use in adoptable or non-adoptable situations, at what depth and with which connection
  • Download a printable PDF of your project

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How to use the Inspection Chamber Selector

To get started with the Inspection Chamber Selector, you'll need to know the following:

  • Site address and postcode
  • Whether you're using Inspection Chambers for adoptable or non-adoptable applications
  • Diameter of the outgoing pipe
  • Diameter of the incoming pipe
  • The number of properties the installation will serve


When you have finished your calculations, you can download a PDF to print or send to someone.

Download a sample report

Frequently Asked Questions

When is an Inspection Chamber required?

Inspection Chambers are required:

  • At the head of a run
  • When there is a change of direction
  • When there is a change in gradient
  • When there is a change in pipe size
  • At or near a junction

How is an Inspection Chamber installed?

Watch the video below for an overview of how to install an Inspection Chamber. 

What's the difference between a private and adoptable Inspection Chamber?

This is a complex question to answer, but essentially any chamber serving two or more properties is adoptable. This may vary depending on local water authority requirements.  Non-adoptable chambers serving one property are covered by Part H of the Building Regulations.

What range of Inspection Chambers does Wavin offer?

We have a range of Inspection Chambers for deep and shallow installations.

What's the largest pipe diameter that Wavin provides a chamber for?

We provide chambers from 110mm up to 300mm.

An overview of the rules and regulations around Inspection Chambers which covers where Inspection Chambers should be used and how Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition impacts application.

If you still need some help choosing the right Inspection Chamber, take a look at the guide on our Knowledge Centre.