SoundCheck Tool

  • The SoundCheck tool calculates noise levels based on the individual parameters of your project
  • Use our simple step-by-step system which guides you though the process
  • Get a full report and never worry about meeting noise regulations again

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How to use the Wavin SoundCheck Tool

Wavin SoundCheck tool simulates system acoustics in a final installation, Wavin is the only supplier that helps to simulatesystem acousticsin a final installation.

To get started with using the tool, follow the steps:

In STEP 1, the room volume is indicated. The calculated noise level is shown in db(A) and highlighted on top of the page.

The calculated noise level is always shown and changes directly with each parameter. Then the location of the pipe within the room is indicated.

In STEP 2, relevant information for the pipe shape, drop height and diameter is indicated.

Afterwards, the pipe insulation level and flow rate is indicated.

In STEP 3, relevant information for the duct construction material & area is indicated.

In STEP 4, you will receive a detailed report of the outcomes of your SoundCheck.

Use the Wavin SoundCheck Tool and never be in doubt again about meeting noise regulations

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