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CPD Courses

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Managing noise in a soil and waste project

CPD | 15 Minutes | Beginner

This course covers the issues of noise within buildings and noise reduction in a soil and waste project.

Designing geocellular structures as part of a SuDs scheme

CPD | 31 Minutes | Intermediate

This e-learning module on the subject of designing geocellular structures within a SuDS scheme.

Design & Construction Guidance for foul & surface water sewers

CPD | 15 | Beginner

In this e-learning module covering the changes to the code governing the design and construction of foul and surface water sewers...

Q-Bic Plus in adoptable applications

CPD | 13:30 | Beginner

e-learning module on the Q-Bic Plus geocellular stormwater tank and its suitability in adoptable applications.

Tigris K1

CPD | 30 minutes | Beginner

This course looks at assessing the lifetime of a continuously operated re-circulating system and explains how this is a valuable tool for preventing the spread of...

Inspection Chambers

CPD | 20 Minutes | Beginner

An overview of the rules and regulations around Inspection Chambers which covers where Inspection Chambers should be used and how Sewers for Adoption 7th Edition impacts...

Product Courses

7 Courses

Hepworth Clay

Product | 30 | Beginner

This module will improve your understanding of the Hepworth SuperSleve Clay drainage and inspection chamber range, enabling you to offer your customers the correct...

Osma Rainwater

Product | 20 minutes | Beginner

This module will give you a better understanding of the OSMA Rainwater portfolio of products, providing an overview of features, benefits and installation guidelines.


Product | NA | Intermediate

This module is designed to improve your understanding of the OsmaDrain and Osma Inspection Chamber ranges

Osma Soil & Waste

Product | 20 Minutes | Intermediate

An overview of the principles of soil and waste along with some of the unique features in the Osma range, from captive seal technology to a keyway system designed for...

HepvO self-sealing valve

Product | 30 Minutes | Beginner

This module looks at how Wavin’s innovative, self-sealing waste valve HepvO® works, how it compares with conventional water traps and its wide range of...

Osma UltraRib Installation in Adoptable Applications

Product | 10 | Intermediate

This informative e-learning module will take you through the steps required to install Osma UltraRib in adoptable applications whilst adhering to the latest regulations...

Hep2O | Push-fit plumbing products

Product | 30 Minutes | Beginner

This module is an introduction to our ever-popular push-fit plumbing system, Hep2O, and covers unique features, advantages and best-practice installation...

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