HepvO self-sealing valve

Product | 30 Minutes | Beginner


HepV0 Self Sealing Valve


This course provides an introduction to Wavin's innovative waterless trap, HepvO, and covers:

  • How HepvO works
  • Where HepvO can be used
  • How HepvO compares to conventional water traps
  • Installation guidelines


Chapter 1 - Introduction to HepvO

HepvO is a self-sealing waterless waste valve. This chapter will introduce how the valve works, outline how it compares to conventional traps and explain the applications in which it is most beneficial.

Chapter 2 – conventional water traps and HepvO

This chapter takes a look at how traditional water traps work and how HepvO compares.

Chapter 3 – Installation and standards

This chapter will show you how HepvO should be installed and the key standards that apply.


Complete these 10 questions to ensure your full understanding of the HepvO self sealing valve training.


Steve Skeldon

Steve Skeldon is the Above Ground Product Manager for Wavin. He joined the business in 2004 and is responsible for managing the Osma soil, waste and rainwater systems and specialist above ground ranges for commercial markets.

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