Q-Bic Plus in adoptable applications

CPD | 13:30 | Beginner
Test Questions 10
Pass Mark 70%
Suitable for Buyer / Procurement, Civil Contractor / Groundworker, Civil Engineer, Consultant, Project Manager
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This informative e-learning module will introduce Wavin’s Q-Bic Plus attenuation tank and outline its benefits for use in adoptable applications. It will also explain how it is compliant with Ofwat's Design and Construction Guidance and offers class-leading access for inspection and maintenance.



Chapter 1

We will start by giving you an introduction to Q-Bic Plus and some broad guidance notes to tick off when designing geocellular tanks.

Chapter 2

Next we will go into more details about  Q-Bic Plus and specifically the benefits delivered by its modular design

Chapter 3

Seeing is believing, so we’ve created a short video demonstration which shows a side-by-side comparison of how fast Q-Bic Plus is to install versus standard Geocellular crates. Specifically, take note of the built-in hand grips, the non-handed design, ensuring each unit is always correctly orientated

Chapter 4

We will then look at inspectability of a geocellular tank, and with the most open tank design on the market, Q-Bic Plus enables simple and effective maintenance, ensuring optimal tank capacity and performance throughout its lifetime

Chapter 5

In this chapter we will look at accessibility and how the access points of a Q-Bic Plus tank are fully configurable. Wavin is the only supplier able to offer brand leading options in both clay and plastic adoptable drainage pipe systems, so designers can select the optimum solution for the ground conditions of each project.

Once you have completed this course there will be a short questionnaire to test your understanding. Upon completion of this you will be able to download a certificate for your own records.


Martin Lambley

Martin Lambley is Wavin's Product Manager for Foul, Utilities and Water Management. Martin joined the team in November 2015, bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

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