Hepworth Clay

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This module will improve your understanding of the Hepworth SuperSleve Clay drainage and inspection chamber range, enabling you to offer your customers the correct...


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Hepworth Clay



Hepworth clay is a sustainable, durable, cost efficient and high performance drainage system. This e-learning course will cover its use and installation.


Chapter 1 - Hepworth Clay SuperSleve

The first chapter of the course will cover the Hepworth Clay Supersleve and introduce its key features, advantages and benefits.

Chapter 2 - Hepworth Inspection Chambers

Chapter 2 gives an overview of Hepworth Inspection chambers and guidance on how to select the most appropriate chamber for different applications including the implications of building regulations.

Chapter 3 – Installation

This chapter will provide you with information on how to install Hepworth inspection chambers including pipe cutting, jointing, delivery, storage, handling and pipe pack dismantling.

Assessment – test your knowledge

This training courses finishes with a short assessment which allows you to check your understanding of the training material.


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