Osma Soil & Waste

Product | 20 Minutes | Intermediate
This course provides an introduction to Wavin's Osma drainage products, covering: The principles of soil and waste Complying with Building Regulations Unique features of the Osma range


OSMA Soil and Waste Elearning course

Osma Soil & Waste



This course provides an introduction to Wavin's Osma drainage products, covering:

  • The principles of soil and waste 
  • Complying with Building Regulations
  • Unique features of the Osma range


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Osma Soil and Waste

This intermediate level course will give an overview of the principles of soil and waste along with some of the unique features in the Osma range and how the building regulations apply. It will outline the basic anatomy of branch pipework and stacks.

Chapter 2 – Principles of soil and waste discharge

In this chapter you will find further information on the requirements for connection of soil and waste to below ground drainage including the ‘no connection zone’, the use of soil manifolds, condensate discharge and traps as set out by part H of the building regulations.

Chapter 3 – Installation

Find out about the jointing systems of the Osma soil and waste systems and their benefits. This chapter also outlines how to make a solvent welded, push-fit and ring seal joints and the requirement for branch ventilation. Finally you will find out about the full range of Osma soil and waste and the materials that they are made from.


This interactive section will allow you to test your knowledge and understanding of the module. here are 10 questions in this section and we estimate that it will take about 10 minutes to complete.


Steve Skeldon

Steve Skeldon is the Above Ground Product Manager for Wavin. He joined the business in 2004 and is responsible for managing the Osma soil, waste and rainwater systems and specialist above ground ranges for commercial markets.

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