Q-Bic Plus Attenuation Configurator

  • Design an attenuation tank using our fully BBA approved Q-Bic Plus system
  • Receive recommendations on the best design possible depending on the loading and depth requirements of your stormwater project
  • Download a printable PDF of your project

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How to use the QBic Plus Attenuation Configurator

To get started with the QBic Configurator, you'll need the following:

  • The address and postcode of the site

If you're planning a project using Attenuation Tanks

If you have already calculated your storage volume, you'll need that figure and the below:

  • Soil type
  • An idea of your tank dimensions
  • Loading type
  • Cover depth

If you haven't yet calculated your storage volume, you will also need to provide the information below:

  • M2 area draining to the tank
  • Allowable discharge for the site
  • Climate change
  • Storm return period
  • Soil type


When you have finished your calculations, you can download a PDF to print or send to someone.

Download a sample report

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an attenuation tank?

Attenuation controls the flow of water as it goes back to the water course or drainage system, which is valuable if tackling flooding downstream or an overwhelmed infrastructure. Attenuation consists of the temporary storage of surface water in a suitable chamber below ground level.